Wire Forms
Wire Forms
Wire forms are bent metal pieces made from a range of wire materials based on the application’s operating requirements and limits. They come in a variety of shapes and can be used as pins, antennas, latches, cable or pipe clips, brackets, and so on. HJ Spring is capable of forming the most complex shapes of wire forms and we are available to consult with you on your unique requirements.

R PIN(1)

R PIN(2)

R PIN(3)

R PIN(4)

Stainless Steel Wire Pegs

Titanium Alloy Wire Forms

Wire Forms with end Stamping

Wire Forms(1)

Wire Forms(2)

Wire Forms(3)

Wire Forms(4)

Wire Forms(5)

Wire Forms(6)

Wire Forms(7)

Wire Forms(8)

Wire Forms(9)

S Hook(1)

R Pin Specification Form