Spring Pins, Washers,Push-on Nuts
Spring Pins, Washers, Retaining Rings (Custom/Standard)
HJ Spring stocks a wide variety of standard retaining rings, C rings, E rings, bearing rings, wave washers, toothed lock washers, and slotted spring pins. Their main function is to hold components or assemblies onto a shaft or in a bore to prevent parts shift or loosening. HJ Spring can offer in metric and imperial size, conform to JIS, DIN and ANSI industrial standards.
Spring Pins and Washers Spec Sheet (Standard JIS B 1251、2808)
Custom sizes also available upon Request
SPP Series
Slotted Spring Pins
AW Series
Internal Toothed Lock Washer
BW Series
External Toothed Lock Washer
SPN Series
Push-On Nuts
Custom-made Spring Pins and Washers

Custom Made_Wave Washer

External Toothed Lock Washer_Custom Made

SPT Series Toothed Spring Pin

WW-Wave Washer