JIS Die Spring (Metric)
Die Springs (Standard)
Die springs are industry-standard springs designed to support high loads in limited space. These are often used in precision machinery such as die punching, die casting, or die injection. HJ Spring stocks springs made to US, German and Japanese standards supporting all ranges of light to super-heavy loads.
JIS Die Spring Spec Sheet (JIS B 5012)
For US, German or other standard specification, please contact us directly.
YF Lightest Load Die Spring YL Light Load Die Spring YM Medium Load Die Spring
YH Heavy Load Die Spring YB Super Load Die Spring  
Engineering schematic
  1. Calculate the maximum stroke you need.
  2. Preload each spring before you install, or it may cause early spring failure. As a general rule, preload 3~5% of total length to get good performance.
  3. Each spring needs to match the corresponding spring pockets and guide rods.
  4. Over time, punch tools are ground to maintain effectiveness. When this happens, the spring increases its preload. Don't forget to grind gaskets to maintain the same spring travel.
Working Time

1 million
(%of free length)
0.5 million
(% of free length)
0.3 million
(% of free length)
Max. Deflection
(% of free length)
Lightest Load (yellow) 40% 45.00% 50.00% Approx.58.0%
Light Load(blue) 32% 36.00% 40.00% Approx.48.0%
Medium Load(red) 25% 28.00% 32.00% Approx.38.0%
Heavy Load(green) 19% 21.00% 24.00% Approx.28.0%
Super Load(brown) 16% 18.00% 20.00% Approx.24.0%