Torsion Springs.Wire Hose Clamp
Torsion Spring
Torsion springs bear axial tension. They are usually designed in round, sectional forms with load bearing arms at the end as supporting or force points. These springs are commonly used in turning axles, knobs of home appliances, hairclips and other clamps – any application that requires turning and bearing torsion.

Double Torsion Spring(1)

Double Torsion Spring(2)

Double Torsion Spring(3)

Hair Trimmer Blade Spring

LED Panel Light Spring(1)

LED Panel Light Spring(2)

Rectangular Wire Torsion Spring(1)

Rectangular Wire Torsion Spring(2)

Torsion Spring

Torsion Spring with Red Painting

Torsion Spring_gap between coils

Torsion Spring Straight Offset End

Wire Spring Hose Clamps(1)

Wire Spring Hose Clamps(2)

Double Wire Hose Clamps

Double Wire Hose Clamps

Double Torsion Spring(5)

Double Torsion Spring(6)

Tiny Torsion Spring

Torsion Spring Specification Form
Wire Hose Clamps Specification Form
Type of ends